Possessing Nothing Chapters 49~51

Hello, people. Chamber here.

I have had these three chapters for almost a week now, and the staff over at Liberspark was busy so I wasn’t able to conclude talks with them.
It is NOT that we came to a disagreement. I received permission to continue this novel there, but the matters about editors wasn’t settled yet.
I thought maybe I can get the old editor to do this one again, but there was no reply as of yet.

I thought that this dragged on long enough and decided to post it here. People seem to be begging for it….

These chapters may get moved to Liberspark in the future.

For now, here are your chapters. These are unedited.

Chapter 49: Encounter (1)

Chapter 50: Encounter (2)

Chapter 51: Encounter (3)

9 thoughts on “Possessing Nothing Chapters 49~51

  1. Thank you!! I’m so excited!! I’ve been waiting for this series to get continued for so long thank you thank you thank you!!!!!


  2. Thanks, only problem is like most that are dropped its now a year later well atleast its being continued however I won’t be around long enough to finish it, still At least now I can read this in the mean time thanks


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