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Hey guys! If you don’t know, chamber recently went into military service, with which he shall be back on April 8th 2020, in the meanwhile, I have found a new TL for GoM.

Chapters will resume in 1 week, thank you for your patience.

(you can still donate to chamber via https://www.paypal.me/ChamberKTL, but if you’re donating for GoM, please donate to me via Illid4nStormrag3@gmail.com)

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The future of Chamber’s translations

TL;DR – Chamber going to military = no more translations

Hey everyone, Chamber here.

As some of you may know, I’ve been TRYING(lol) to go to the military for what, the past 10 months or so, and I’m FINALLY GOING. This is also the reason I’ve not doing actively sponsored chapters, or patreon, like everyone was telling me to. Continue reading “The future of Chamber’s translations”

God of Music Chapter 108

Today, there’s a bit of time… (I get two hours on PC on the weekends)

Here you go!

No edits done!

Okay then.

Here’s the deal

Google drive/google mail = nope, don’t work (I need access to my phone for it to work, which I don’t)
Discord = It seems to work… but apparently, I’m not allowed to use it (due to security concerns) I’m not risking it.
NU/NUF = Very, VEEEEEEERY slow… but I’ll see it if you message me or post on GoM LCD.
Wordpress = new version of the editor doesn’t seem to work, but fortunately, I know how to use the old one. It is also very slow, which means I won’t have time to go back to older pages and edit them.
Munpia (where the raws are) = needs adobe flash… and all the PCs here get no updates for adobe flash… but the old version still works for Munpia.

As for Possessing Nothing, I only had the txt version of the raws in my google drive, which I cannot access here. So no chapters for that…

Hence. I have to directly translate onto a ‘page’ in wordpress from munpia. (The monitor here is a 4:3 aspect ratio too…)

That’s how you get chapters, ladies and bros.

I managed to translate an entire chapter of GoM in 55 minutes, and posted them during the last 5 minutes during the weekdays. (That was why the posts were so short.)

This chapter was pretty long (in my opinion) So it’s rather fortunate that I did this on a weekend.


God of Music Chapter 105

Chamber here.

Enjoy Chapter 105!

Translator: Chamber (That’s right. It’s not Illi’s new translator. So paypal me, not him.)

Also, please forgive me for mistakes (especially country name spellings) I only have an hour a day on PC…

The internet is horribly slow here, and wordpress barely works at all, so I’m having a hard time translating anything. Don’t ask me to edit my older chapters.